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If you own a cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin you know winters can be tough and managing your cabin while you spend more time away from it can be a hassle. When you sign-up for Cabin Checks you will have piece of mind that your cabin is staying above freezing without intruders or water leaks and save yourself the time it takes to make the trip yourself.

What are Cabin Checks?

Cabin Checks are when one of our Rosebud Vacation trusted staff members visits your cabin to “check up on the place” and make three important notes:

  • Temperature–is the heating system working properly
  • Water–are there any water leaks
  • Propane–how much propane do you have left in your tank

These three pieces of information are vital to keeping your cabin investment from suffering a horrible ordeal.

How often are Cabin Checks Performed:

Our staff member can check on your cabin as often as you would like. Maybe it’s a one-time check because you saw on your WiFi thermostat that the temp is dropping within the home or maybe you want someone out there daily to check on the place. We have pricing plans for every owners needs.

How do you access the cabin?

When we do cabin checks we install a lockbox on the door handle or nearby for you to put the key in. We also can meet in the Twin Cities to do a key hand off and will bring the key to your cabin and place it in the lockbox. If you have a electric lock with a keypad we ask that you share a code with us that we may use to access the home.

What happens if there is a problem at the cabin?

If we discover something needs to be addressed at your cabin (heating system failure, water leak, break-in) we will contact you immediately. If it is a heating system we can have an agreement with you so we can schedule HVAC professionals to come to the property. We will also do what we can to bring in space heaters to attempt to keep pipes above freezing.

To get a quote or to schedule an emergency Cabin Check please fill out the form below or call


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