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Welcome to Turtle Lake Lodge!

We are so excited to share our home with you. Please read this page in its entirety and fill out the form below once you are finished.

Current Notes:

  • The Boat and Dock will be put in May 15th.

Home Rules:

  • Please understand this is a wood house on a lake. There are bugs associated with being on the lake. We work hard to keep bugs out of the house although with the combination of outdoor living and indoor living and constant in and out bugs do come in the home.
  • Smoking cigarettes or e-cigs is prohibited. There is a $300 fine for smoking inside the home.
  • You must include the total numbers of guests for the entire stay in your reservation. To stay compliant with the Village we must not have more than 8 guests at the property. If you are found to have additional guests beyond your reservation and/or more than a total of 8 people on the property your stay may be cancelled immediately with no refund.
  • Quiet hours are from 11:00PM to 7:00AM.
  • It is your responsibility to be aware of all local laws. You must follow all local laws including but not limited to fishing licenses, boating regulations and safety, burning laws, etc.
  • Please do not check out late. Late check-out is a cost an initial fine of $100 and $40/hr for the first 3 hours of delayed check-out. If check-out occurs beyond 3 hours an additional fine of $350 will be given plus the possibility of relocation cost for the next guests to be charged to you.
  • No Parties or any kind. Your reservation will be cancelled and you will be immediately removed from the property.
  • No illegal activity of any kind. Your reservation will be cancelled and you will be immediately removed from the property.

We understand accidents happen. If something is broken or damaged during your stay we have the possibility to be lenient. If damage or broken items are revealed by our cleanings after check out you will be issued the following fines.

  1. Damage to furniture up to $500
  2. Damage to appliances up to $500
  3. Damage to building up to $500 plus cost of repairs.
  4. Damage to lawn up to $200
  5. Damage to deck up to $200
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The state of Wisconsin requires us to keep a record of all guest names and addresses for 1 year. Please help us stay in compliance by filling out the form below.

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